Peggy Naruns

Peggy Naruns Northstar Realty

How did you start Northstar Realty? I started Northstar Realty in 1997. I wanted to open a boutique style real estate company in St Petersburg, Florida. Serving Waterfront and luxury homes in our community. The name came to me, North Star.. guiding weary travelers home…

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Georgia Naruns Janas

Georgia Naruns Janas Northstar Realty Agent

Realtors- Georgia Naruns Janas & Kirby Meehan Bryan began our dynamic duet in second grade. Since then we have flourished in the St Petersburg community. Both of us grew up in St Petersburg and have extensive knowledge about our neighborhoods, the waterways, various schools, restaurants,…

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Kirby Bryan

Kirby Bryan Northstar Realty Agent SM

Realtors- Georgia Naruns Janas & Kirby Meehan Bryan began our dynamic duet in second grade. Since then we have flourished in the St Petersburg community. Both of us grew up in St Petersburg and have extensive knowledge about our neighborhoods, the waterways, various schools, restaurants, and shopping.…

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Katie Naruns Mallah

Realtor Katie Naruns Mallah is a hard working and proud member of the Northstar Realty family. She works diligently to establish powerful real estate partnerships with other members in the community, with the goal of providing top notch service and follow through for her clients…

Office: (727) 528-7653Mobile: (727) 656-1597Fax: (727) 322-3947

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Amelia Bayne


Amelia Bayne and Katie Naruns form a powerful real estate partnership, with the goal of providing top notch service and follow through for their clients, looking to buy, sell or rent homes in St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding areas. As a team, Amelia and…

Office: (727) 528-7653Mobile: (813) 390-5242Fax: (727) 322-3947

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Kristen Naruns Burke

Kristen Naruns Burke Reator of Northstar Realty in St Petersburg

Residing in Florida since she was 2 years of age this self-proclaimed “native” has all of the experience someone could hope for about The Tampa Bay area and surrounding communities. This is one of the reason why she loves to call St Petersburg home. Kristen Naruns…

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Elizabeth Funk


Elizabeth was born and raised in St. Petersburg, where she raised her own children as well. Since 2009, Elizabeth has dedicated her efforts to make dreams of home ownership (or if selling your home) a reality. Using marketing and local knowledge, she is the agent…

Office: (727) 528-7653Mobile: (727) 463-6383Fax: (727) 322-3947

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Tiffany Weidner


Tiffany Weidner has an in depth knowledge of the places and things that make St. Petersburg one of the most dynamic and sought after communities in the nation. She delivers exceptional results by taking the time to listen and respond to the unique needs of…

Office: 727.528.7653Mobile: 727.386.3952

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Debbie Harris

Debbie Harris Realtor Northstar Realty of St Petersburg Florida

Debbie Harris is proud to be a second generation native of  St Petersburg. Her love of Real Estate started in the Old Northeast neighborhood of the city. She grew up in the same colonial style house that was her father’s childhood home. Debbie got to explore…

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David Meehan

David Meehan Realtor Northstar Realty of St Petersburg Florida

David Meehan, a man who might never fully retire, came to work at Northstar Realty after a vast number of years working as an accredited local and national business professional in the insurance and banking world. His extensive knowledge of our community neighborhoods and the…

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Jake Walsh, MBA


As alumni of both USF and Saint Leo University, for his B.A. and MBA respectively, Jake combines his comprehensive knowledge and a passion for learning with real-life area expertise in the trendy downtown St. Pete community. Being a Tampa Bay native, Jake is second to…

Office: 727.528.7653Mobile: 813.407.0504

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Brittany Joseph

Brittany Joseph Realtor Northstar Realty of St Petersburg

Born and raised in Laurel, Delaware, Brittany grew up as a highly competitive student‐athlete with a small town feel. She attended Florida State University on a softball scholarship and in 2010, moved to St. Petersburg to complete her education and softball career at the University…

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Valbona Dashi


Valbona Dashi, a Real Estate agent with Northstar Realty, is widely respected among clients and peers alike for her honesty, integrity, loyalty, professionalism and sincere devotion to serving buyers and sellers. Valbona’s personality and style blend exceptionally well with the perseverance and stamina that have…

Office: (727) 528-7653Mobile: (727) 642-4503Fax: (727) 322-3947

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Shelley Shultz

Shelley Shultz Realtor Northstar Realty of St Petersburg Florida

Shelley originally homesteaded in Tampa, and after several years, followed her children, and decided to make St Petersburg her home. Before Northstar Realty, Shelley was a realtor in Savannah, Georgia, while simultaneously enjoying a career as a school guidance counselor. Shelley loves living in St Pete and brings…

Office: 727.528.7653Mobile: 813.434.5121Fax: 727.322.3947

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Lisa Marie Twyman


As a full time professional real estate agent, I pride myself on offering superior personal service before, during and after your transaction. Knowledge, commitment, honesty, expertise and professionalism are the cornerstone of my business. Let me earn your trust, your business and most importantly your…

Office: 727-528-7653Mobile: 727-333-5472

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Jon Lewandowski

Jon Lewandowski Realtor of Northstar Realty in St Petersburg, Florida

Jon is a Florida transplant by way of Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. In 2015, after many years as a Hollywood publicist, he decided to do what he was most passionate about: sell real estate. Jon’s passion grows from his love of establishing relationships…

Office: 727-528-7653Mobile: 727-200-7834

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Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts Web Headshot

Amanda was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area but the family business required her to move all over Florida; from Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and then to Fort Myers where she received her Bachelors at Florida Gulf Coast University. She moved back to Tampa…

Mobile: 727-255-1010

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Kimber Fraley

Version 2

Before settling in St. Petersburg, Kimber was born and raised in Bradenton on Palma Sola Bay. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and proceeded to work in various fast paced marketing and customer service based positions. Passionate about helping…

Office: 727-528-7653Mobile: 941-704-6246Fax: 727-322-3947

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Toni Smith

Toni Smith Realtor Northstar Realty of St Petersburg Florida

Toni Smith meets the challenges of today’s competitive real estate market with an eagerness to succeed, keeping a positive attitude despite any obstacles that may occur. She strives for solutions, never leaving a job undone or settling for second best. She meets each opportunity presented…

Office: (727) 528-7653Mobile: (727) 515-4892Fax: (727) 322-3947

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Henry Shultz


Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Henry has always been interested in the architecture and beauty of homes, whether in the historic district in Savannah, or the beautiful outlying islands. Henry studied business at University of Central Florida and in 2016, moved back to the…

Office: 727-528-7653Mobile: 813-504-8163

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